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by Elizabeth Clayton

Even though those of us in the Bay Area are finally turning on our ceiling fans and breaking out our sandals (insert gratuitous misquoting of Mark Twain here) it’s actually mid-September, which for most people means fall. Fall to me, like other people who love obvious symbols, means cider. So when it came time to do some easy fall cocktails I decided to do both common forms of it—sparkling and hot. I’m sure I’m not the only one who would say “yes please” to cider two different (boozy) ways if you decided to serve both at the same wedding.

gratuitous misquoting of Mark Twain here

As with our Summer Cocktails, I wanted to make these drinks super approachable (i.e. your sister’s college roommate who’s competent but has never bartended professionally could easily make them). The amazing Emilia of Emilia Jane Photography was in town for a wedding, and since we originally bonded over our shared love of cocktails, I asked her to help me develop the drinks and take the incredible pictures of them you see here. Let’s get started!

Summer Cocktails Emilia Jane Photography

Okay. I know that generally you don’t serve whisky drinks in a champagne flute, but, come on—most things are more fun in a champagne flute, especially at a wedding. This could easily be served in a rocks glass, and is worth noting that it’s delicious either way. I actually had to stop myself from drinking a whole glass by remembering that we were shooting these drinks at 10am.


Who doesn’t like hot cider? That person and I cannot be friends. It’s the perfect fall drink, and lovely for a chilly cocktail hour or almost any post-dinner round of drinks. A stock pot and a portable camp stove make for easy heating (and cuteness) at any bar, although you could also pre-heat these and serve them out of large thermoses or airpots.