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Seasonal Wedding Guide
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A Wedding Guide For Every Season

by BrideBox Wedding Albums · September 15, 2015

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Chances are that you are planning your big day during your favorite time of the year. Couples who prefer being outside and staying warm tend to opt for summer weddings, while couples who love the color changes of leaves and flowers may have a fall wedding. Couples who can’t get enough of the crisp air and cool but nice temperatures may choose a spring wedding while couples that love snuggling inside while it rains or snows are likely to have a winter wedding. There are many popular wedding trends that fit every season, but each time of year has character and therefore tends to have it’s own theme. The following is a wedding guide for each season.

popular wedding trends

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Summer is a great time to play with cute and even adventurous color schemes. It’s the perfect season for colors that pop! Figuring out great combinations between playful colors is fun when you have so many options. Our favorite colors for summer weddings are Daisy Yellow, Lavender Purple and Cornflower Blue.

great combinations between playful colors

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Kim J Martin Photography


Your decoration theme is the perfect opportunity to add some fun décor to your wedding. Summertime is flexible for many themes, which can vary depending on whether you have a day or night celebration. For day weddings in the summer, we recommend a picnic theme red checkered design (mostly outdoors, great in a nature setting) or a light ocean theme (blue color scheme, seashells as centerpieces). For an evening wedding, have some fun by bringing light into your celebration; you can decorate your venue with candles and torches or even include sparklers in your ceremony.

include sparklers in your ceremony


Similarly to colors, summertime is great for providing some playful drinks. Classic beer and wine are great for any occasion, but for summer weddings we also recommend fruity cocktails, lemonade (both family-friendly and adult lemonade) and for evening weddings, champagne.


When it comes to flowers, different types add a different feel. Sunflowers are a classic summertime flower to go along with a fun color scheme. Dahlias are beautiful elegant flowers that come in many shades of pink, red, and purple. We also love Bluebonnets and Snapdragons for a classy or colorful summer wedding. For more ideas on different types of flower, check out this wedding flower glossary.

check out this wedding flower glossary

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Amanda Megan Miller Photography



The only thing better than Fall leaves is all the pumpkin pie! Fall weddings tend to take on seasonal color schemes, which include Orange, Gold, Cranberry Red, and Mauve. There are so many ways to mix and match these colors and other popular Fall wedding colors that will allow you to have a unique but still very fitting color theme.

popular Fall wedding colors


We tend to associate Fall time with beautiful nature and the comfort of slipping on warm gloves and fuzzy earmuffs. If you’re going with the Fall theme, keep your decorations traditional with warm lighting and seasonal flowers. If you want to be full into the Fall feel, you can even have leaves, pinecones or another cute Fall-themed wedding centerpiece decorating the venue.

cute Fall-themed wedding centerpiece

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Deborah Zoe Photography


Since Fall is a cozy and romantic time, we recommend your drinks be the same. Although you can’t go wrong with beers and cocktails, our favorite Fall wedding drinks include hot cider, Irish coffee and wine. Cinnamon and pumpkin flavored drinks and hot cocoa are great options as well!


When it comes to your flowers, you can choose whether to keep the color theme going or to mix things up. Amaryllis is a great Fall wedding flower because it is gorgeous and comes in a variety of colors. We also love the gentle touch of Violets in a bouquet. Decoration flowers are the perfect opportunity to mix different colors and flower types which you can tie to the wedding theme while simultaneously bringing in new colors.


For many couples, especially those that grew up in snowy areas, there’s nothing like a winter wonderland wedding. Whether you’re in California or Minnesota, the atmosphere at a winter wedding is often intimate and sometimes cozy. If the coldest season is your favorite season and therefore that’s the time you’ve chosen to celebrate your big day, consider these winter wedding trends.


If you live anywhere with snow or have spent much time around it, you are probably in the demographic of people who strongly associate winter with white. Unlike summer, winter is generally a time for beautiful deep colors. The best winter wedding colors are Grayed Jade, Brown, Velvet and Silver.

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Emily Steffen Photography


Most often, winter weddings take place indoors. Although there are so many gorgeous venues for wintertime, there are also so many ways to transform an otherwise bland wedding into an incredible one. The right lighting creates a cozy and romantic feel to any venue, indoors or out. Candles are a lovely decoration for your winter wedding and can come in all colors and sizes. Wood, especially logs and rustic looking tables, is also great for winter decorations.

ways to transform an otherwise bland wedding into an incredible one


Winter weddings are great for drink options! There are various delicious winter wedding cocktails that are great on their own, or with matching tasty winter-fitting desserts! Some of our favorites include Raspberry Martini, Lava Lamp Cocktails and Peppermint Baileys Coffee.

delicious winter wedding cocktails tasty winter-fitting desserts

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Martha Stewart Recipes


Wintertime tends to create one of the most gorgeous outdoors settings, so it’s fitting that your wedding flowers reflect that beautiful nature. Calla Lilies are elegant and regal, Roses are classic and lovely, Hollies are festive and seasonal, and Peonies are sweet and colorful. There are so many great flower combinations that will add a special touch to your decorations.



Spring is an amazing season for weddings because it fits both bold and colorful themes as well as soft and classy color schemes. There are a lot of great wedding color combinations to choose from that will compliment your big celebration! We love Tiffany Blue, Chiffon Yellow and Seafoam Green. These colors are delicate and pair well with both light and dark partner colors.

great wedding color combinations to choose from


Like Fall, Spring is a time when plants are at their best. Flowers are blooming and lovely colors appear all over. That’s why flowers are a great wedding decoration for a Spring celebration. If you’re going for less nature-themed décor, you can also go with a partially vintage theme which can be done through lace tablecloth, lighting or crinkle fans. Hand-written place cards or DIY candleholders are also cute decorations that show you put time and effort into welcoming your guests.

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Jemma Keech Photography


Spring time falls in between that winter chill and the summer heat, which means that you can have both cold and hot drink options whether you are indoors or out. Fruity drinks such as lemonade and blackberry fizz cocktails are a delicious, fun option and champagne is classy as your wedding season! You can also throw in some mini marshmallow topped hot cocoa for good measure.


There are so many great flower bouquet styles you can choose from for your Spring wedding! Daisies are sweet and can be matched to your specific color theme, Delphinium are unique and elegant, Tulips are seasonal and come in a variety of colors, and Anemone flowers are beautiful and simple for bouquets. Spring is the perfect time for playing around with different flower combination options.

great flower bouquet styles

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Alicia Jayne Florals

No matter what season you choose to host your wedding, your big day can have beautiful decorations! Flowers are a great way to add personality to a venue while applying a general color scheme. There are so many color, floral, decoration and drink combinations to play with that will help make your wedding perfectly yours.